Superstar experience for B2B & B2C web/multimedia, and print design for both in-house and agency environments.

Expert in translating subject matter into concrete designs for a wide range of marketing, digital, social promotional, and informational materials.

Exstensive experience leading projects from conception to execution.


It’s important to design visually dynamic imagery that is impactful and easy to read while maintaining stringent branding requirements.


MEDIA: WEB DESIGN, MARKETING DESIGNER | ROLE: UI, WordPress, Print, Creative, Layout, Production, B2B Social Media

PROJECT: Implemented and designed all B2B marketing collateral for both print and digital requirements. Designed and developed company’s digital and print marketing assets, company’s branding guideline manual, and branding procedures. Vastly increasing market saturation by 75%.

  • Collaborate with Director of Marketing and vendors to fully incorporate all goals, objectives, and specifications. Strong prepress skills, including knowledge of file preparation and experience working with national and international print vendors.
  • Constructed and implemented companies new branding style guideline manual, emphasis on displaying clean modern design intended to increase customer trust. Produced custom designs and developed the company’s website utilizing WordPress.
  • Increased market saturation by an average of 75% by implemented all B2B marketing materials (both print and digital), which included executive level PowerPoint presentations, custom designs for full-room booths, direct mail assets, rollup posters, business cards, data sheets, whitepapers, social media assets, brochures, large wall videos, and social media.


MEDIA: WEB DESIGN | ROLE: UI Designer, Creative, Layout, Production

PROJECT: Championed the development of customized high fidelity UI prototypes for’s new website (Programs used for prototyping: Illustrator, PhotoShop, AfterEffects). Worked extensively with the product, UX and technical teams to create compelling designs that meet client and company objectives utilizing creative elements that appealed to customers visiting the website.  Increased customer retention by 85% first day of launch, compared to the previous customer retention rate of 30%.

  • Enhanced UI and fluidity of Qwest/CenturyLink experience within the website. Increased customer retention by 75%.
  • Implemented e-marketing banners and email creative elements. Strictly adhered to’s technical specifications and customer goals.


MEDIA: DIGITAL | ROLE: UI Designer, Print, Creative, Layout, Production

PROJECT: Provided custom designs and web development for internal web, marketing, and email campaign design team. Second in command for developing new UI workflow for Dish Networks new web site.

  • Enhanced primary websites UI customer experience by designing a user-friendly and more intuitive navigation flow, and maintained daily updates.
  • Custom designed and implemented e-marketing email developed necessary email templates and banner creative elements. Strictly adhered to Dish Network’s technical specifications and customer goals increasing customer retention and up-sales 60%.


MEDIA: DIGITAL | ROLE: Marketing Specialist, Wed, UI Design, Print, Creative, Layout, Production

PROJECT: Senior designer and lead creative manager providing services for all B2B marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Expanded brand awareness and market saturation by an average of 80% by developing company’s marketing materials (both print and digital) which included direct mail assets, rollup posters, business cards, datasheets, white papers, social media assets, branding manual, and all business brochures.
  • Increased company’s client base growth 70% by vastly increasing clients target demographics designing cutting-edge marketing materials and new custom websites.
  • Design creative and digital projects through conception to completion achieving top ranking client satisfaction 97%.
  • Conceptualized, convey high-fidelity designs and prototypes through sketches, storyboards, email campaigns and PowerPoint presentations.

Collaborate with IT and business teams to solve complex issues utilizing models and data visualizations.


Qwest web site specials redesign
CenturyLink web site redesign
Qwest web sample
Chris Devlin-Young web site
Dish web site
Bellevue Plastic Surgery web site
Dish Dora web site